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ostraca  enemy 12"12.00 €

Ostraca is back with another banger album! Releasing three records (a split LP w/ Flesh Born, the "Last" LP and the split w/ Untold Want, Vril and Coma Regalia) in 2017 as well as touring North America and Europe, Ostraca never seem to grow tired. Coming a little out of the blue, the band is now releasing their next LP "Enemy" and what can you say - it's a marvelous and powerful screamo record! Six songs in total. Some shorter ones with crushing outbreaks, some longer with epic instrumental works as we've known it from the band's previous recordings. Ostraca never disapppoint. Again, if you're into bands such as Pg.99, City Of Caterpillar, Orchid or June Paik

ostraca / vril / coma regalia / untold want  split 10"10.00 €

These four bands of friends have been playing shows alongside one another from one coast of the US to the other. On this four way 10" split they bring you variations on the theme of empathy in the modern world. UNTOLD WANT (formerly Iwakura) drop four poisonous tracks of screamy hardcore, OSTRACA offer up two beautifully constructed screamo opus', VRIL commit three blistering and volatile hardcore songs, while COMA REGALIA bring their A game with three more chaotic, screamo gems.

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ostraca / flesh born  split 12"11.00 €

Faces of the Moving Year showcases two of the heaviest bands in the goddamn world. Richmond’s bleak screamo phenom Ostraca creates a maddening scene of gloom and doom as dynamic and heavy as human ears can handle. Denton’s Flesh Born contributes five brand new songs chock full of huge riffs, double bass and shredding vocals to makes this potentially the wildest split the universe currently has to offer.

only 3 left !