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hey y´all ,

just a quick one to let you now we got the EUTH / CLOSET WITCH split 7" and
the SALIGIA - the new innocence 10" finally available - get in touch for
wholesale prices or possible trades!
you can listen to both here :

also there is still plenty of space for this years CRY ME A RIVER FEST . we
work with reservation only . get in touch for more infos.


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New Distro stuff

aureole of ash - human bankrupcy cd
raging grindcore / powerviolence beast bringing blastbeats and fierce mosh parts. members of resurrectionists and svffer with their first songs.

aureole of ash - human bankrupcy tape
raging grindcore / powerviolence beast bringing the blastbeats and fierce mosh parts. members of resurrectionists and svffer with their first songs.

black table - obelisk 12"
Black Table are a four-piece band from New York that create their own take on experimental metal with a broad range of influences. The two-guitar outfit has been around since 2010 and played numerous shows across the United States including an extensive tour with Downfall of Gaia. With six years of...

cranial - dark towers / bright lights 12"
"After arising from the ashes of the post-metal heavyweight Omega Massif in 2014, Cranial are now about to release their first longplayer „Dark Towers, Bright Lights“ that combines 45 minutes of thick and heavy sludge and doom. When the four members of Omega Massif split up, their musical futu...

dawn rayd - a thorn / a blight 12"
A Thorn A Blight' is the highly anticipated debut release from Dawn Ray'd; having created a mix of melodic, epic and violent black metal, lyrically this EP snaps between being hearthbreakingly sad to unnervingly angry, a tension that even the folk song at the end of the record cannot ease. This is ...

autism - film noir 12"
"AUTISM is an instrumental Post-Rock/ Post-metal band from Vilnius, Lithuania. The band say this about this record: ""This album, sharing the same name as a cinematic genre, is driven by a mood of pessimism and menace. While working on this album, we decided to explore even more disturbing and un...

ostraca / flesh born - split 12"
Faces of the Moving Year showcases two of the heaviest bands in the goddamn world. Richmond’s bleak screamo phenom Ostraca creates a maddening scene of gloom and doom as dynamic and heavy as human ears can handle. Denton’s Flesh Born contributes five brand new songs chock full of huge riffs, d...

reactwithprotest - hate fascism shirt

reactwithprotest - selftitled patch

tempano - discography tape
awesome and epic emociolence/screamo from spain.

euth / closet witch - split 7"
Insane techy, mathy metal/hardcore split from two of the most exciting bands around.This bomb provides a ridiculously intense sonic experience and will definitely hit the spot for all of you demanding chaotic metal/hardcore hybrids.

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