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woe  hope attrition 12"14.00 €

The foundation is black metal, the post-y tendencies have infiltrated only slightly, and there is death. The guitars are searing in their exactitude yet unfurl with such beauty. The drumming is tight, impressive, and a perfect driving compliment to the force of the melodies. The vocals growl and shriek, giving a perfect balance of styles. Lead riffs pepper the driving force of the songs adding extra melodic focus and interest. The solos are also what give way to a sense of optimistic release, they are very well written and somehow perfectly compliment the songs without sounding out of place. This leads me to believe that there is much more than depression, horror, and destruction behind the motives to these songs. At the start of this new year of musical deluge, only Thunderwar’s Black Storm has kept me coming back as much as this album. A true gem in the world of American black metal and ANOTHER ripe, red tomato in the garden of this Brooklyn band’s discography.

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