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Sehr geehrte Punker und Freunde,

finally got some news for you again ...

the EUTH / CLOSET WITCH split 7" is pressed and on its way to us. this is
the vinyl version of the tape that has been released earlier. awesome
intense and brutal powerviolence meets dissonant chaotic grinding hardcore.

we expect the SALIGIA - the new innocence 10" to be finally available
(preorders shipping) early march latest! will definitely them with us on the
uk tour late march.

we are very excited to be able to help SEE YOU SPACE COWBOY spreading their
demo . originally released as a small run of tapes we got a less stylish but
more practical cdr version for you. nice paperpocket with lyricsheet and
disc with vinyl optic and stamp. Think of black kites on speed having an
affair with usurp synapse while listening to arab on radar - yes it is that

and yes we are late but we have finally sorted out a new venue for the CRY
ME A RIVER FEST 2017 . older attendees might still know the JUZ Westside in
Versmold from back in 2005. lovely place for sure. still need to figure out
the camping situation though. if you already want to reserve a spot you can
do so via - we ll send you the details and latest
news on this.

coming up : piri reis / we sleep they live split , republic of dreams
2012-2016 tape, see you space cowboy 7"

thanks for your interest

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New Distro stuff

autism - film noir 12"
"AUTISM is an instrumental Post-Rock/ Post-metal band from Vilnius, Lithuania. The band say this about this record: ""This album, sharing the same name as a cinematic genre, is driven by a mood of pessimism and menace. While working on this album, we decided to explore even more disturbing and un...

kyhl - drittweltstrauma 12"
Drittweltstrauma could be consulted as the perfect and most current example for the generic sound of German screamo. Inspired by overseas hardcore back in the mid and late 90s, bands like Yage, Jet Black or 30TageNacht lead the way, as they developed their very own and unique style out of those inf...

ostraca / flesh born - split 12"
Faces of the Moving Year showcases two of the heaviest bands in the goddamn world. Richmond’s bleak screamo phenom Ostraca creates a maddening scene of gloom and doom as dynamic and heavy as human ears can handle. Denton’s Flesh Born contributes five brand new songs chock full of huge riffs, d...

reactwithprotest - hate fascism shirt

reactwithprotest - selftitled patch

tempano - discography tape
awesome and epic emociolence/screamo from spain.

euth / closet witch - split 7"
Insane techy, mathy metal/hardcore split from two of the most exciting bands around.This bomb provides a ridiculously intense sonic experience and will definitely hit the spot for all of you demanding chaotic metal/hardcore hybrids.

see you space cowboy - demo cd
originally released on a small run of tapes , this needs to get a lot more attention. Self labeled as sassgrind these punks deliever a wild chaotic dissonant blend of grinding emoviolence, filthy breakdowns and intense weirdness that will blow your mind. Think of black kites on speed having an affa...

they sleep we live - escaping the measures of time 12"
Unreal German screamo heavily influenced by mid-late 90s emo/hardcore. These four songs are so thick and lush you'll almost feel claustrophobic with all that amazing music. Utilizing the pretty and ugly, the band weaves epic songs that often have two vocalists screaming back and forth.

antifaces - solo quedan fantasmas 7"
Latino punk outta Miami in the vein of Eskorbuto, Suicidas, or Tozcos. It hits that sweet spot of a perfect mix of melody and grit, with a bass heavy mix that hits hard, especially when the stomp kicks in. Duelling female/male vocals are all in Spanish and range from proper singing to pure punk f...

closet burner - Disappointment, Death, Dishonor 12"
Bloomington's Closet Burner return with a full length of queer-positive, society bullshit negative hardcore. The sound is rooted in classic fast hardcore riffs, but not afraid to drop a dirge or a powerviolent blast in there. Lyrics are angry, to the point, and no holds barred, representing a ref...

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