Latest News August 2015

got the LENTIC WATERS - the path 12" in . get that epic monster while it s hot! get in touch for wholesale rates!

just approved the testpress for TENTACLES ambivalence 12" . sounds fucking brutal! prepare for destruction!

seems like the (final) master for TEMPESTs second 12" will finally be send to press this week! might be the darkest but yet most beautiful piece of epicness i ve heard lately - hope you managed to see them live while they were over here.

ALL TRADES FOR RWP RELEASES ARE HANDLED BY THE LOVELY FOLKS FROM DEADWOOD RECORDS from now on . please get in touch with -> if you re interested in trading stuff.

later : CASSUS 12" .

thanks for your attention

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New Distro stuff

battle of wolf 359 / kaddish - split 7"

june paik / titan - split 12"
This has two new tracks of germanys JUNE PAIK with a playtime of more then 15 minutes! This is even heavier then their 12" but it still has the emoviolent edge! TITAN are hailing from canada and that s how they sound - epic destructive hardcore in the vein of Buried Inside or Union of Uranus - 1 tr...

resurrectionists / arse moreira - split 6"

resurrectionists / battle of wolf 359 - split 10"
Resurrectionists play pulverizing grinding HC with touches of melodic chords amidst the chaos. This band is tight, very heavy, and has multiple vocalists. Very fast played drums and guitar, distorted bass riffs and desperate voices extol the end of the world. Once again Resurrectionists built a sol...

amygdala / saligia - split 7"

lentic waters - the path 12"

jotnarr - burn and bury 12"
Even though a lot of people go with the black metal reference I see the more appealing – more emotive and heavy side of this beast driven by only three really nice punks. Beautiful melodies and atmospheric rampage meets heavy and epic riffing.

raein - perpetuum 12"
The follow up to their 2011 piece “Sulla Linea D’Orizzonte Tra Questa Mia Vita E Quella Di Tutti”.This is another 100% DIY self-released record and as always we recorded and mixed again at Cosabeat Studio and Studio73 - Recording and they have done a great job.

cloud rat - qliphoth 12"
The Rat is back with 17! new tracks between heavy hardcore and furious grind attacks. Qliphoth serves up chaotic, artful grindy chunks that are nigh impossible to ignore. make sure you don t miss em on tour in europe june / juli !!

modern charms - selftitled 12"
Modern Charms are a trio formed in San Francisco, California, with geographical tendrils spreading outward to the Pacific Northwest, and far-reaching aesthetic roots in dream pop and blissed-out fuzz rock. Their debut recording glides through six tracks of gorgeous guitar damage and crystalline fem...

amygdala - the horror of never … 7"
finally on vinyl. Amygdalas impressive demo – punk fueled emoviolence where everything sounds right, beautiful melodies to an overall dark vibe shredded by incredible honest and passionate vocals.

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