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punks! friends!

damn - it is time for another update. time flies even faster these days.

i would like to start this with introducing the newest members of the
family - check em out - they all rule!

FOR WANT OF more passion driven chaos from texas - recorded songs for
a 7" to be released hopefully in feburary 2015! ?

AMYGDALA and another intense and beautiful monster from texas -
already recorded and released as a demo - the horror of never beeing
able to forget will be out on 7" in january 2015 ?

CASSUS is bringing fresh blood from the UK and beam us back to '99
again! they will record songs for a 12" aimed for april 2015 ?

also in January ? AUTARKEIA / REPUBLIC OF DREAMS split 7" finally.

and so much more to come 2015 : a new CLOUD RAT record , more
TENTACLES craziness, more love from YUSUKE, even heavier LENTIC WATERS
stuff etc etc ..

we also started taking reservations for CRY ME A RIVER FEST 2015 /
26th and 27th of June. space is limited as always - reserved is when
paid! get in touch for reservation details! bands at this point :
black everest , cloud rat, delos, gentle art of chokin, june paik,
lentic waters, me and goliath, meursault, rebarker, republic of
dreams, sjanse, svffer and tempest. three more to be confirmed. we
already have a long list of bands that want to fill in if a band can t
make it - so please don t send any more band requests!

hope this will give some of you a heads up for 2015 after so much
bullshit that came down lately with all the pegida facist assholes,
isis terror - religious insanity, racist cop violence... people are
fucked up - let s not give in - help refugees - create save spaces for
everyone... thanks for the love and support!

la familia. x

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New Distro stuff

yusuke / lori berensen - split 12"
LÖRI is a fierce band that was a bit more emo-violence on the first releases and are now have a lot of post-rock elements. The band shrieks and growls and plays some heavily distorted stripped-down riffs that feel punk as frick. Whether they're conscious of it or not, the band definitely takes som...

amygdala - the horror of never being able to forget tape
Now and again a screamo band comes along with vocals that blow my mind. Bianca's screams of anguish are some of the harshest I have ever heard with this kind of music. Or any music. My throat hurts just by listening. And the rest of the band are close to spot on too with their dark brooding chaotic...

drom / moro moro land - split 12"
Dark hardcore quintet DROM from Czech republic joined in a split with atmospheric/ post-metal/ blackened hardcore band from Mother Russia Moro Moro Land.

euglena / general lee - split 10"
"Euglena is one of those bands that have existed long enough to have a full-length, but since their An Anxious Surface EP in 2010 have turned out one small release after another. This Split is no different with just two new compositions of richly atmospheric Post-Hardcore and Grindcore. “Дно...

tristan tzara - discography tape
Tristan Tzara hailed from Dortmund, Germany and created manic, spazzed-out emoviolence that still stands the test of time. I remember hearing this band years ago during my early screamo binges and I'm still amazed with what they released during their 2000-2002 reign. Their material is fresh to th...

whorls - petrichor 12"
no description

deer in the headlights - selftitled 12"
epic screamo hardcore with harsh screamed vocals played by lovely people. Recommended

anopheli - a hunger rarely ... 12"
Epic Neo-Crust like EKKAIA, ICTUS, old FALL OF EFRAFA of the amazing MADAME GERMEN!!! Anopheli is a project created between friends living in different countries. Jasmine, Brian and Josh all live in California and Alex (Light Bearer, Fall Of Efrafa...) lives in London. It started off as a lovely id...

black love - selftitled 12"
The absolutely incredible debut LP from this Montreal 6-piece. 3 guitars will lull you in with pretty soundscapes before the band blasts you in the face with post-hardcore/screamo gold. This record sounds like nothing else around, but could certainly be a beacon of hope for interesting and original...

hexis - xi 12"
"What Hexis bring with XI is a dirty blend of black metal and hardcore that comes out sounding like Celeste (if they were more liberal with their editing) mixed with a little bit of Portal's warbled twists in the structure. In the majority of the record they attack you with mounds of down-tuned, di...

pray for teeth - from the edge ... 12"
Pray For Teeth first LP features four songs, which clock in just under 38 minutes, Pray for Teeth's debut LP "From the Dry Edge of the Shore" is a pecfect example of how post-metal should be done. Equal parts metal, hardcore, shoegaze, and ambient metal, "From the Dry Edge of the Shore" sees the so...

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