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these italian dudes do not need any description at all. they let us party and cry with them for over 4 years with songs that will never be forgotten. after their first released cd they released somewhat is to be called one of the best react with protest records releases, "il n'y a pas de orchestre". raein provides emotionally-charged hardcore songs a la portraits of past and funeral diner, with a chaotic edge. they have split records with the phoenix bodies(recently toured the usa with la quiete) and the mighty funeral diner. one of their most overwhelming songs can be found on the split 10" with daitro. they toured all over europe the last years and make a lot of people happy sharing time together, playing shows and having fun. raein broke up this year, they played one last show in france with sinaloa, ampere, diatro and burial year, and the last sounds of this band have been made at the cry me a river fest 2006 where they were said good bye by hundreds of friends. but in 2009 they came back with a great new record called "ogni nuovo iniz", playing some shows.


RWP Releases

RWP 014
Emo Armageddon Compilation 7"
a lot of other great bands

RWP 009
Il n'y a pas d'Orchestre 12