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hey punks and friends!

how are y all holding up? i hope this finds you well. dont really know
what to write - everythings so surreal and complex ... stay home if you
can - help prevent the total collapse of the health care systems ... but
i know thats a privilege many do not have. so please take care of
yourselves out there! we reset the bandcamp prices again ( i dont really
keep up with that too often ) so it is free again - go crazy on sweet
music if you need something :) . if you think about donating money,
please do so directly to the bands that need it!

for all of you vinyl nerds - the REPUBLIC OF DREAMS / ALLES BRENNT split
7" is out now! all overseas punks will have to wait a week or two longer
until nevin IFB records gets his share . we will offer all react with
protest releases for cost + whatever you can spare for everyone that is
financially affected by the current situation - get in touch and we will
work something out! it would be to hard to change the whole webstore
based on that - so write me - i have time to spare these days anyway :) .

the next big point on our agenda is the situation around CRY ME A RIVER
FEST . we do not want to make a decision yet but we would want to make
sure that all our ( international ) friends will have have the
possibilty to attend - and with the current situation of border closings
and all, it doesnt look too good. so far there isnt a sign that the
situation will improve soon and the possibility to postpone the fest for
at least a couple of month ( or a year ) is likely... anyway i can not
wait to make it the best party we have every done after all of this!

stay healthy and take care of your loved ones,


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New Distro stuff

republic of dreams / alles brennt - split 7"
preorder incl autarkeia split 7“ or early disco cd

endless swarm - imprisoned in skin 12"
Brand new album from Scotland’s finest Grindviolence Quartet Endless Swarm! "Imprisoned in Skin" is their first LP and it is an absolute monster! 19 tracks of blistering, filthy, ungodly fury that is sure to please! Let’s kick this adventure off by taking the time to drink in the cover art. ...

fluoride - disentaglement 12"
repress of this harsh grindcore noise beast. think acrid, full of hell and some tiny bits of ampere or bucket full of teeth. coke bottle green full on capitalist vinyl :)

for your health / shin guard - split 12"
Originally released digitally in May 2019, two of North America's up and rising screamo darlings put out a fantastic split record, which is now getting its proper vinyl release. We have For Your Health from Ohio contributing five both beautifully and spazzy crafted tracks. On the flip side Pennsylv...

frail body / infant island / massa nera / dianacrawls - split 12"
Here we have four of North American's top underground screamo acts: Frail Body, Infant Island, Massa Nera and Dianacrawls teamed up to deliver this awesome 4-way split record, titled "Hymnes aux désarrois de la peau".

hetze / dismalfucker - split 12"
Hetze: Savage hardcore punk attack from Belgium, inspired by early UK hardcore punk (Health Hazard, Ripcord) with a Japanese touch (Gauze), some powerviolence (Despise you, Infest) and some new stuff like Hoax, Game, Exit Order, Sect Mark. Dismalfucker: this German powerhouse blends straight up ...

travolta - in tinnitus we crust 12"
Debut full length! Started out as a Powerviolence/d-beat band but evolved by adding more grindy parts. Influenced by powerviolence, grind, HC/punk and even some emoviolence in the newer songs. Very outspoken on and off stage...

auszenseiter - misere 12"
Misère” is the debut album from the German hardcore-punk band Auszenseiter. After their split record with Marais, Auszenseiter are back with ten raw and abrasive hardcore-punk songs. Giving their tracks also a slight edge of metallic neo-crust, Misère is recommended for fans of Alpinist, Jungbl...

chavire - Maintenant Que Les Flammes Sont Partout 12"
An explosion of emotions and rebellious punk poetry that is Nantes’ band Chaviré, they come back with a brand new record. Part of the beauty that makes Chaviré’s sound so fascinating comes from their ability to make uplifting punk music in a time of desperation and despair. When there’s not...

coma regalia - Vau Faelgoh 12"
The fifth full-length from prolific Indiana screamo outfit Coma Regalia, Vau Faelgoh joins a discography that includes 30+ releases. 11 short, fast, and cathartic screamo songs that further cement the band's place as one of the genre's torchbearers.

coma regalia - the mirror 11"
With echoes of the band’s previous work and obvious late 90s / early 00s inspirations, COMA REGALIA captures the deepening of screamo’s sound over time. Some might say the production feels a little undercooked, but it’s certainly not something you can charge a real screamo act with. “The Mi...

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