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june paik - selftitled 20016 12"
First full records of these legends.

june paik - selftitled 2013 12"
this has all you expect from this great band - an emotional apocalyptic journey that sounds more desperate and anxious than ever! a heavy monolith that continously builds up tension and beauty just to unleash hell in an intense eruption - giving you a glimpse of hope just to drive you to despair in...

june paik / battle of wolf 359 - split 7"
new songs by those two european screamo outfits, comes in a silkscreened cover... Battle of Wolf 359 from London offering some blistering and heavy as fuck tracks unlike the One Eyed God Prophecy , Acrid or Uranus. with their unique female / male double vocals. June Paik combines dark, emoviolent...

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this german band from donauwörth plays epic and romantic screamo, a mix between orchid styled stuff, with funeral diner or even envy's slow parts. after a dark and very intense first 7" they june paik debut lp this is heavier - darker and more epic then the last monster they ve unleashed! think of one eyed god prophecy, at the same time giving the sound enough of themselves to keep it fresh like their contemporaries shikari and takaru.

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RWP 068
selftitled (2013) 12

RWP 052
Split 7"
Battle Of Wolf 359

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Emo Annihilation Compilation 6"
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Split 12"

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