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the apoplexy twist orchestra / the kinetic crash cooperation
Split 12"


Track Listing

Side A
1.Another Sheep Got Lost In The Brave New World
2.The Mystery Of Oxygen And It S Addiction To The Lungs
3.Impressions Of Garlic Painted On Dead Skin And You
4.My Apollo Program Became A Big Fucking Mess
5.Mrs Cyphre Left This Note With Forcefed Realism
6.A Roadmad To An Ambiguous Lifeideal
7.About Surviving The Lie Dectector Test Without Even Begging Her To Whisper The Spell[ mp3 / ogg ]
8.Dialogues Written Down Before The Marriage Between The Carcass And The Pathologist
9.Oh Captain Oh Captain My Lifevest Exploded
Side B
2.Moped Gang Or Die[ mp3 / ogg ]
3.Bartender Give Me A Drink, I Don T Wanna Think[ mp3 / ogg ]
4.James Dean Is My Friend But He Has No Hand
5.Mary Lou I Love You Too
6.Kit Kad Club
7.Thrill Of A Kill Is Not Bird Seed

Pressing Info

1st Press
606 on black vinyl
Release date: 2001-10-10
Sold out: 2004-03-05