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Stuff from a fine boat that coffin
Stuff from am i dead yet
Stuff from the mock heroic
Stuff from utarid


a fine boat that coffin / am i dead yet / the mock heroic / utarid
4-way Split 12"


Track Listing

Side A
1.Utarid - There is definitely Room for Growth
2.Utarid - Accent Fall on the first Syllable
3.Utarid - In between me and Quietness[ mp3 / ogg ]
4.Am I Dead Yet - Capture the Castle[ mp3 / ogg ]
5.Am I Dead Yet - My Name is not Goliath
6.Am I Dead Yet - Standing on Top of Jungles at 5:30 pm
Side B
1.The Mock Heroic - On the Study of the living Dead[ mp3 / ogg ]
2.The Mock Heroic - Backing dead Horses
3.A Fine Boat That Coffin - Schilly s little Helper

Pressing Info

1st Press
xxx on black vinyl
Release date: 2006-06-06