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piri reis  ritma 12"15.00 €

REPRESS "Malaysian screamowizards PIRI REIS finally return with their first LP. After a demotape and several splitreleases, the band took their time to write 10 new songs that will be rleased under the title ""Ritma"". What started with bands such as Utarid, Quantis and Orbit Cinta Benjamin lead to what Piri Reis is presenting on this release. A legacy of a long lost spirit that reignites with these 10 sparks of passiondriven screamohymns, that also took a lot of influences of the european and american screamoera. The melodic part of this band is such a key to their sound, always catchy, mainly driven and guided by marrow deep hiting vocals. Ritma is a growing and earcatching release of dedicated passion and a return to traditional virtues. If you wanna fall back in time when bands such as Neil Perry, Tristan Tzara or Orchid set sails to crash your stereo, there you go."
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piri reis / they sleep we live  split 7"5.00 €

farewell split for tswl - a last heavy melodic ride – intense fast and atmospheric. p.r. Is the latest emoviolence band from arwith / utarid. Rad!
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piri reis / coma regalia  split 10"11.00 €

"Coma Regalia comes full circle with this new split with Piri Reis which features ex members of Quantis with whom they did their very first split! 4 songs by Piri Reis in legendary vein of Utarid/Kias Fansuri/Daghila and 7 songs by Coma Regalia."

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