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justin hate  marrow 12"10.00 €

"The album may not be metal enough to satisfy the overlords at Metal-Archives, but it hits really fucking hard nonetheless. The opening track “Infantem” was the first single, released separately back in May, but remains my personal favorite — in part because of the big, craggy bass line that takes center stage briefly in the midst of the bleak, butchering riffs, the bone-breaking rhythms, and the vocalist’s impersonation of a man being consumed by flames. The haunting, somber clean vocals that come in behind those wretched shrieks are another memorable touch. “Infantem”, of course, isn’t the only stand-out track on this powerhouse record. The whole ride is blacker than brain cancer and as brutal as the clubbing of harp seals on a barren ice floe, pitching between near-berserk levels of destructive violence and slower, more methodical applications of cold cruelty. The riffing is also cruelly addictive."

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