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travolta  in tinnitus we crust 12"11.00 €

Debut full length! Started out as a Powerviolence/d-beat band but evolved by adding more grindy parts. Influenced by powerviolence, grind, HC/punk and even some emoviolence in the newer songs. Very outspoken on and off stage...

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travolta / boom  split 7"5.00 €

The record contains five songs of each band. Toulouse’s BooM is oldschool powerviolence, Travølta brings you fastcore on the edge of grind, crust and death metal.

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travolta / gewoon fucking raggen  split 7"5.00 €

Travolta fastcore/powerviolence/dbeat/crust from Belgium. Short, fast and loud!! Gewoon Fucking Raggan is a 3 piece band based in Rotterdam. Attacking your ears with breakneck speeds and a high volume that will corrupt your mind and make your brain explode. If you’re looking for some straight to the point, no bullshit, in your face sound, then this is a most excellent.

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