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dark circles / abstracter  split 12"10.00 €

Abstracter is a blackened sludge-doom band with crust influences hailing from Oakland CA, founded in 2010 by Robin Kahn and Mattia Alagna with the intent of creating the darkest, bleakest, and most punishing music they could come up with. Influenced by legendary bands like Swans, Amebix, Godflesh, Corrupted, His Hero Is Gone, and Blut Aus Nord. Abstracter has shared a stage with bands like Bell Witch, Mass Grave, Noothgrush, Buried At Sea, Unearthly Trance, Acephalix, Sleep, Graves At Sea and many more, presenting the world with their own brand of apocalyptic, hopeless and darkness-fueled music driven by crushing, grim, and dissonant guitar work, apocalyptic themes and lyrical content, and absolutely blood-freezing and plague-ridden atmospheres. Dark Circles is a three piece band from Montreal, Canada who formed in early 2013. Dark Circles play a dark, metallic, and crust tinged style of hardcore. Musically, Dark Circles can be loosely compared to bands such as Hexis, Svffr, Holy, and other-like minded bands. On their side of the split, Dark Circles offer up four tracks of brutal as fuck sounding blackened/crust tinged modern hardcore.

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