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Louise Cyphre
Cease Upon The Capitol
The Mock Heroic
June Paik
A Fine Boat That Coffin
Danse Macabre
La Quiete
Am I Dead Yet
Emo Armageddon Compilation 7"


Track Listing

Side A
1.Louise Cyphre - Seelenhalme
2.Boa Narrow - You Guys Vs. Each Other
3.The Mock Heroic - At Your Disposal
4.V/A - Spoken Word
5.What Price Wonderland - Fronts
6.Utarid - To Heal and to Kill[ mp3 / ogg ]
7.Danse Macabre - Merci Beaucoup
8.Zann - Durch Die Blume
9.Am I Dead Yet - Monk Vs. Mingus
10.V/A - Spoken Word
11.Dasein - Odis not rated 0:16
Side B
1.V/A - Spoken Word
2.Cease Upon The Capitol - Paralysis
3.June Paik - Cocoon (Evolution)[ mp3 / ogg ]
4.V/A - Spoken Word
5.A Fine Boat That Coffin - Lasst Uns Den Jungen Nicht Vergessen[ mp3 / ogg ]
6.Sl-27 - Dude, Your Are Sooo Black Metal
7.La Quiete - Une Vite Veloce
8.Shikari - Gegen Geigen
9.Daitro - Vivre Ici
10.Yossarian Is Drowning - A Message of Dissent
11.Raein - Armento Zo Bota

Pressing Info

1st Press
1000 on black vinyl
Release date: 2005-02-11
Sold out: 2007-01-01