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a fine boat that coffin / am i dead yet / the mock heroic / utarid - 4 way split 12"
4x total screamo madness - utarid are from malaysia and open the reign on this lp with 3 awesome chaotic and emotive track that reminds to reversal of man! am i dead yet are the new belgium screamo heros with their mix between heavy doublebass driven darkness and chaotic always screamed hardcor...

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UK based rockers with a 7 Inch release on lovely Nimbus Module. On RWP they released a wonderfule 4-way split 12 Inch together with A Fine Boat, That Coffin, Am I Dead Yet and Utarid.

RWP Releases

RWP 017
4-way Split 12"
A Fine Boat That Coffin
Am I Dead Yet

RWP 014
Emo Armageddon Compilation 7"
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