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malaysia!?! hardcore bands!?! for sure! this is utarid, one of the best bands from this region playing music strongly influenced by orchid and reversal of man. with their de[ad]mo tape they made themselves a name in the scene, and after some quiet amazing splits with bands like tiala(japanese killers) and sophora they toured europe in summer 2005. this were weeks full of friendship and passion, playing mit various european bands. sadly the band broke up shortly after this tour, but played a last show in malaysia in march 2006. the members can be found in new, great bands like i/am/rain, kias fansuri, elisabelle tears, killeur calculateur and orbit cinta benjamin. so utarid can be seen as the root of a bunch of amazing bands from south-east influencing our scene with their very own style of hard- and heartcore music.


RWP Releases

RWP 017
4-way Split 12
A Fine Boat That Coffin
Am I Dead Yet
The Mock Heroic

RWP 014
Emo Armageddon Compilation 7"
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