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danse macabre / am i dead yet - split 7"
3 last songs from those belgium screamo heros with their mix between heavy doublebass driven darkness and chaotic always screamed hardcore. rest in peace. and also 3 new smasher from the emo violence gangster mob danse macabre from the same session as the split with her breath on glass!

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danse macabre is a germany based band from the lovely town trier. they deliver screamy chaotic hardcore with a lot of power and moody parts, it reminds me of some bands in this genre which have been around a couple of years ago, but they still manage to create something own. after a great 7" and a wonderful split 7" with killed by malaise(another great german band, sadly they have broken up at all), they made a huge step for in comparison to the earlier stuff with their first full-length "synkopenleben, nein danke", great layout and production and well written songs. they blend both the chaotic and the grim elements of heavy music to create something familiar to the scene, yet all of their own at the same time. in the end of summer 2006 they released a picture 7" together with her breath on glass and toured with them through europe. soon there will be another split 7" with the shortly disbanded am i dead yet.

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Split 7"
Am I Dead Yet

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Split Picture 7"
Her Breath On Glass

RWP 015
Synkopenleben, Nein Danke 12"

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Emo Armageddon Compilation 7"
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Die Kritik ist keine Leidenschaft des Kopfes 7"