onster Battle Of Wolf 359 Beau Navire Bolz'n Buried Inside Cease

Band Members

Kris - Drums
Jon - Bass
Trei - Guitar
Sean - Guitar

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beau navire / republic of dreams - (black vinyl) split 7"
Oakland's BEAU NAVIRE, comprised of members of Loma Prieta and various other Bay Area bands, deliver their best material to date following a slew of releases in only a little over a year and non-stop playing up and down the west coast as well as a european tour. They bring a nervous violence to the...

beau navire - hours 12"
22 minutes of pure heartful and passionated emo-violence that should delight fans of the late nineties as well as current bands like raein, loma prieta or comadre.

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US based four-piece hardcore band. Expect a lot from the upcoming full-length on RWP. They play Cry Me A River Fest 2011.


RWP Releases

RWP 062
Lumens 12

RWP 061
Split 7"
Republic Of Dreams

RWP 056
Hours 12