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Band Members

Chris Moore - Guitar & Vocals
Simon Rollo - Guitar
Oliver Harvey - Drums

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jotnarr - burn and bury 12"
Even though a lot of people go with the black metal reference I see the more appealing – more emotive and heavy side of this beast driven by only three really nice punks. Beautiful melodies and atmospheric rampage meets heavy and epic riffing.

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Jotnarr are a three piece from Colchester, England, formed in 2013. They play a mix of black metal, punk, and screamo, and sound a bit like early Ulver and His Hero Is Gone with big riffs. Lyrics are usually about human relationships with the natural world, environmental degradation, loss and grief, and wolves. Their interests include King Diamond, Black Sabbath, and playing shows.

RWP Releases

RWP 095
selftitled 12"

RWP 090
split 7"
Aureole of Ash

RWP 079
burn and bury 12"