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Band Members

Brian Chamblee - Bass / Vocals
Wes Wright - Guitar / Vocals
Adam Cortez - Guitar / Vocals
Ray Carrion - Drums


Wes and I started For Want Of 6 years ago with our friends. Our goal was, and still is, to make music we are proud of and would want to listen to ourselves, even if we weren't in the band. We have always made writing music we can feel proud of as the number one priority for our band. We have tried to keep DIY ethics as a center point for everything we do. As a band we help put together shows in our own city for bands that need help. Because of that and being able to go on DIY tours, we have made many friends in the DIY community. As a band, we don't all subscribe to the exact same lifestyle. Cory (our drummer) and I both have chosen to not use drugs and alcohol, but both of us feel its every ones right to freely choose what they want to consume. Wes and I are vegetarian and Cory is vegan, all for various different reasons: health, compassion, environment. The lyrics in our band reflect the world around us, Most of the lyrics have been written by Wes and myself, but some of the lyrics on our S/T 7" and on our Smoke 10" were written by our former guitarist Adam. Lyrically our songs range from societal issues like the debt crisis, problems with religious dogmatism, misuse of pharmaceuticals, to more personal issues like dealing with losing family members, and the realizations of growing up and changing as a person. When we started the band we didn't know it would allow us the opportunity to be part of such a diverse and welcoming community, but we are so happy to be part of it. Our band has truly changed our lives for the better and we hope to continue writing music, because it makes us happy to have this creative outlet and hopefully our music brings joy to those who hear it as well.


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