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dolcim / hammers - split 7"
two awesome new tunes from the almighty HAMMERS - name is programm these songs hit you like a hammer - melodic and heavy hardcore with a crusty edge. DOLCIM deliever and alternative recording of RICHARD and this fucking heavy as well but with this almost post rockish edge and atmospheric parts

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Hammers are a crust influenced hardcore band from Manchester, UK. Featuring former members of Dreams Are Free Motherfucker, Anxiety Attack and The Secret. So far, they’ve put out a self titled 7”, which was self-released, a cassette entitled “Year One” on Hit Time Records, a split 7” with Jesus Of Spazzareth out and a one sided 12” called Orogeny. This year will see a slew of split 7”s with the likes of Crocus, Dolcim, Alpinist, Canyons and Manatees to follow. Also a (late) year 2 cassette and probably some more.


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